Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are some responsibilities of Student Council?

    • As members of Winchester High Student Council, it is our responsibility to make sure that the values of all students are represented and that any issues that arise are addressed. We work hard to improve the overall health and happiness of students at Winchester High by dealing with problems and always finding new ways to make our school better.

  • What does Student Council actually do?

    • In our meetings, we begin with time for “open floor”. This is a time where members can bring up issues or ideas that have been brought to their attention. If it is important, we will form a committee to discuss solutions and bring it to the attention of the administration. However, we do not only focus on problems and solutions. Any ideas on how to improve our school are welcome, and committees are formed to execute such projects. We also make giving back to our community a priority. This year, we have made donations to WHS Gives Back, The Lahey Breast Care Center, and The Greater Boston Food Bank. Finally, we have two seats on the Winchester School Committee. Two of our members are invited to the meetings and to voice their opinions on what the school thinks about matters such as start times, student parking, and many more.

  • What is the difference between Student Council and Class Officers?

    • The most obvious difference between Student Council and Class Officer is that Class Officers work exclusively with their specific class while Student Council works across all grades and represents all students. Class Officers focus on fundraising and planning events for their specific class, and while Student Council does fundrasie and host events, we concentrate our efforts on including and affecting the entire school.